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Ever since Italian physicist Alessandro Volta invented the battery in 1800, battery technology has continually powered evolutionary change across all aspects of society ever since. Ever since Apple’s introduction of the iPhone in 2007, followed the next year by the Internet ‘supernova’, battery powered devices have forever changed the retail landscape. Products and Brands alike are emerging because of battery technology. Think Tesla, drones, and the vast diverse spectrum of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It is projected that there are already 50 billion connected devices in the world today. Batteries are the boring, unsung heroes that have facilitated and powered- literally, the digital revolution.

We live in a nanosecond world, where batteries have fuelled shopper expectations for mobility, immediacy, flexibility, transparency, and sustainability along the entire shopping journey- before, during, and after the purchase. Almost every aspect of our daily lives is facilitated by a battery powered, connected mobile device. How many of us long for the day that our mobile device will last an entire week before recharging?

Relevant, dynamic, and timely in-store communication has never been more essential than in today’s COVID-19 world. As health experts learn more about this virus resulting in new and updated ‘best practices’ and procedures need to be shared immediately with shoppers and employees for their health and safety. This was, and is, the promise of digital science. One of the challenges associated with digital signage was that locating the display was limited to where there was ready access to AC-power. This meant that the screen was rarely positioned in the optimal viewing location- limiting the efficacy of the messaging.

Toronto based Design Science Corporation have developed patent-pending powering technology to provide uninterrupted use of large-format LCDs with run times of 12-16 hours. Prior to this innovation, in-store digital signage, and its associated content, was often located on pillars or walls that required sensory rich content that would draw shopper’s attention. This new Design Science technology now allows vitally important information, advertising and branded messaging to be placed directly in their shopping path, making certain they actually see the message. Additionally, since the display is now ‘untethered’ the display can now be positioned in the most relevant and appropriate position based on the communication strategy. This flexibility offers positioning and delivery of rich content to, and for, any category and/or product in the store opening up an entirely new merchandising and marketing playbook.

Shopper expectations continually evolve pressuring and driving retailers to respond, adapt, and deliver against those expectations and demands. Retailers, knowing the continuing value and importance of the physical store to their overall success, are constantly challenged to match their e-commerce strategies with their in-store experiences. In-store digital signage for example has, until recently, been tethered to AC-power, limiting its flexibility and potential.

The latest integrated battery powered digital signage offered by Design Science literally, and figuratively, cuts the wire, and amplifies the benefits and flexibility of digital signage. The ability to move the display and present unique content to your shopper anywhere in the store to align with your merchandising and business objectives changes the in-store retailing landscape.

Submitted By: Adrian Weidmann, Managing Director, StoreStream Metrics, LLC